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There are many reasons why you might want a sacrificial cutting matt for your machine ranging from extending life of your machine belt, cross contamination from swapping materials, cheaper than replacing existing cutting bed.


Extend the life of your cutting belts by overlaying our sacrificial cutting mats. They are fast to install and easy to swap, working with any vacuum bed. 

Enables better cut

They can also help prevent cross contamination when cutting different materials


8 types of sacrificial matts to match 

your cutting requirements and sizes


2mm can be used on top of conveyor belts for additional protection…

3mm mats on their own as cutting underlay 

5mm is for oscillating cutting - it can be flipped over when front face is degrading and used on reverse side to extend the life

~1mm cutting depth in underlay.

All 8 types can be supplied to any length

“soft” versions are stiffer than you think and are excellent for textile applications giving more counter-force from underneath improves rotary or oscillated application - enabling better cut.

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