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OKDL18: ISO image 1


OKKURA OKDL20 - 2,000mm x 1,200mm continual conveying cutting bed, dual beam, dual laser, fully enclosed vacuum venting cabinet offers super high throughput.

OKDL can be specified with HDD camera and software upgrade for auto contour cutting.

Other options from our unified production range such as auto feeder and 

material storage solution can be added to this machine to make the work flow seamless.

OKKURA OKDL machines offers unsurpassed speed paired with accuracy.

OKDL20: Text1
OKDL20: Video


  • Working Table: Conveyor

  • Effective Cutting Area: 2,000mmw x 1,200mmd

  • Material Thickness: 0-10mm

  • Cut Speed: 0-600mm/s

  • Cutting Heads: 1 or 2

  • Guide Rail: 1 or 2

  • Cooling: Water Chiller

  • Gross Power: <2.5kw

  • Power Supply: AC220V/50/60HZ

  • Machine Size: 2.42 x 2.23 x 2.73m

OKDL20: Specification


OKKURA OKDL range can all be specified with optional UHD 4k camera and LED flat panel lighting along with the auto contour cut software and all additional training. This is a fantastic feature for printed fabrics, stickers, where automatic contour cutting is required. We also have a knife contour cutter in a wide range of sizes, check out our OKC RANGE.

OKDL20: Auto Contour Cut
OKDL20: Auto cut image


Our machine would be nothing without the leading edge software created by SAI introducing FLEXISOFT 21. This allows users to create high accuracy cut files that work seamless with the OKKURA controller and all of our cutting machines. We will train you to use FLEXISOFT as part of our installation process and will help you set up your cut files optimising them for your material cutting needs.



To streamline the cutting production process we have developed a unified production material handling system. This includes close proximity vertical material storage, automated material feeding and our hopper, allowing cut material to be collected. Another unique feature of the unified production system is our vacuum picker. This allows operators to pick cut material from the OKC bed without having to stretch over the machine, reducing fatigue and the risk of injury.

OKDL20: unifid production
OKDL20: Unified Image
OKC1612: Text
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