To streamline the cutting production process we have developed a unified production material handling system. This includes ROLLMATE vertical material storage, FEEDER automated material feeding, HOPPER allowing cut material to be easily collected from the end of the bed and VACPICK our vacuum picker new for 2022 allowing operators to pick cut material from the OKC bed without having to stretch over the machine, thus reducing fatigue and the risk of injury.


Our OKKURA vacuum picker is a useful tool that helps reduce the risk of injury to operators, from over-stretching for material cuts made towards the centre of the cutting bed. The tool uses positive pressure from a compressed airline feed to create the vacuum, so does not require a permanent or separate vacuum feed. The strength of suction can be varied depending on the air pressure and the tool can very quickly be turned into a useful blower with the twist of the side dial. We have tested the tool on a wide variety of materials and objects and are yet to find something it doesn't work on!

We can supply the tool/s as a built-in OK machine tool or as a stand alone unit. It is a highly efficient, robust, low cost tool that not only saves time but more importantly reduces risk of operator fatigue and even injury.



Standing height work station - perfect for laptop or desktop to connect directly to the controller. Lockable draws for tools, blades and spares keep everything local to the machine. 


The OKKURA storage solution for material rolls 1,600, 1,800mm, 2,000mm & 3,200mm wide. Rollmate can take up to eight material rolls of varying size and weights. Maximum diameter 600mm, maximum weight per roll 60kg's.




In partnership with Syteo, as part of our Unified Production system, we are offering an enhanced version of Rollmate. Our automated material handling carousel allows for single operator storage and handling. This comes in 3 widths 1,600, 1,800 and 2,000mm . We have single operator load trolleys and a whole host of options to make material handling as simple as possible.