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BAMD Composites purchase OKC cutter

Updated: Mar 7

We are really pleased to be working with BAMD Composites with there recent purchase OKC cutter, dual head knife cutting machine. We started the process in late 2023 by completing a series of test cutting exercises with the BAMD's go to materials. Our process involved test cutting using different tools and cutting speeds to find the perfect solution. The machine we re installing will see an upturn in throughput.

COMPOSITES Material Test Cutting

• Rohacell 31 IG-F PMI Foam Core

• Nomex Commercial Grade Honeycomb Core


About BAMD Composites are a design, development and fabrication company, specialising in low and medium volume composites manufacturing. We pride ourselves in our ability to create elegant, innovative and practical solutions.

From traditional mould making and prototyping to 3D CAD modelling and 5-axis machined patterns. Prepreg to Resin infused preform composites, polished raw carbon to glossy lacquered cosmetic products.

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Bioflax, Flax, Hemp, 100% bio natural Composites for GT4 homologation Aero components, electric vehicle battery boxes and sub structures, body panels and more...
BAMD - GT4 Aero parts made with Flax and Hemp composites now in production

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